GSMtool FAQ (last update: Jan. 16, 2000)

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Welche Handys werden unterstützt? GSMtool arbeitet mit Handys, die die GSM AT-Kommandos verstehen. Das Programm ist getestet mit folgenden Modellen: Ericsson's DI27 oder DI28 IrDA Adapter für die Telefone: T18s, T28s, A1018s, S868, GF788, CF788, GF788c, CF768, CF688, PF768, GF788e, CA638, GF768, GF768c, GH688 and GA628. Die neuen Typen R320, SH888 und  I888 werden auch unterstützt, sie brauchen jedoch keinen IrDA Adapter, das Modem ist fest eingebaut.
Nokia 82xx, 88xx und 71xx. Siemens S25. Motorola Timeport (vermarktet unter verschiedenen Typnummern, z.B. L7089).
Why doesn't it work with Nokia 61xx?
GSMtool currently does not support Nokia phones 61xx or similar. These phones do not have a built in modem, instead the modem functionality is part of the Windows driver. I will support 61xx in the future (Mid March 2000). In the meantime, try "NokiTest", available also at Pilotgear, for phone book functions. I am currently looking for a cheap 6110, so I can try some own code. I have heard, that the US version of the 61xx models don't have infrared hardware built in, despite the fact that they have the usual red plastic window.
What about other models, e.g. Bosch? The AT command set that the GSMtool software uses, is standardised and should work with all GSM phones which have a built-in modem supporting AT-commands. The problem is that the phones behave differently here and there and I don't have all the phones to test against. Currently, the only safe way is to buy an Ericsson phone or the Siemens S25 or the Nokia 8810 or 7110 or the Motorola Timeport. I am currently making modifications for the Bosch and Nokia 61xx phones.
GSMtool cannot establish a connection to my mobile phone, but other programs can, e.g. internet network dial in.
Since GSMtool does not make a full reset to the modem function in the phone to save time, it can happen that other programs spoil the modem settings. Since GSMtool does not build up an external connection, it doesn't care so much, but some programs are nasty and turn the Echo of Commands off. Then GSMtool thinks, the phone is dead. To get going again, you can switch off the phone in order to reset the modem functionality in it, or if provided, you can disable the IrDA reception and enable it again. If this is a problem and you can't wait for my next published relase, send me a mail ( and I will send you an intermediate version which switches Echo on before every command.
I want to acess the Internet with my GSM phone. What do I need? (This question is not GSMtool related) The Pilot has everything built-in to access the Internet on IP level (basic ability to send and receive packets over the Internet) over a modem, connected to it's serial port (cradle connection).
To connect the Pilot with your mobile phone via Infrared, you need to update to Palm OS 3.3 or the following additional software:
The enhanced IrDA driver from 3COM (see below). You don't really need commercial software like IrLink, they add only convenience functions.
To try out this basic ability to connect to the internet, go to the Modem and Network preferences and enter the necessary parameters about your mobile phone and your Internet access and try to connect from the Network preferneces dialog. If you don't know how to set the parameters, ask 3COM, your mobile phone shop or your Internet Service Provider.
What for do I need the GSMtool program then? With GSMtool, you can send and receive Short Messages (SMS) and you can synchronise the phone book of your Pilot with the phone book of your mobile phone. These functions do not use the Internet, the Pilot talks directly to the phone. For SMS, the phone itself connects directly to a Sort Message Service Center via GSM internal messages. You do not need to enter any parameter in the modem or network preferences of the Pilot to get GSMtool working.
When I try to connect to the Internet, nothing happens on the phone and I get error messages on the Pilot (this question is not GSMtool related). If you don't have Palm OS 3.3 or newer, you have to tell the Pilot, that you want to use the Infrared connector instead of the serial cradle port. Look into the Pilot's preferences. There is a Serial/IR dialog where you can do this switch. You have to switch back to cradle in order to sync to your PC afterwards.
Can I read and write E-mail with GSMtool? GSMtool only helps you to send and receive SMS messages. There are E-Mail Gateways in the mobile networks which translate SMS messages to E-mails and vice versa. Ask your operator about these Gateways. If you want to directly access your Internet E-mail account from the Pilot, you need to install POP3 or IMAP mail clients on your Pilot. Look at e.g. for those programs.
Why can't I use the mail software that is built into the Pilot to access my Internet E-mail account? (This question is not GSMtool related) Yes, you can, but not directly. The concept is that you sync remotely to your PC via modem (of course, this is also possible with your GSM mobile phone) and exchange mails with your PC. It is the PCs task to exchange mail with the Internet automatically in your absence.
What do I have to download and install GSMtool? Pilot III series with OS version before 3.3:
Pilot's update 3.02
Pilot's enhaced IrDA driver
The GSMtool.prc program.
Pilot V:
Only install SerIrCommLib.prc and SerialIrPnl.prc from Pilot's enhaced IrDA driver. AMX.prc and IrLib.prc are not needed!
The GSMtool.prc program.
Any Pilot with OS 3.3:
Only install the GSMtool.prc program. Make sure, you don't have the old enhanced IrDA driver from the older OS installed. When you upgrade, these files are not deleted automatically. Since some of the files load automatically, they are locked, so you cannot delete them. Hold the "up" key and at the same time press the reset button on the back side of the pilot. Then you are able to delete those files. Press reset button again without "up" key pressed when you are done.
I installed the above programs and libraries, but GSMtool just reports error messages when accessing the mobile phone. You have to press the reset button on the back of the pilot after installing the IrDA libraries. No data is lost on the Pilot.
You have to enable the Infrared Port on your mobile phone (not necessary with Ericsson phones using the snap-on DI27 or DI28 Infrared Modem).
I get error 1281 when accessing the phone. What's wrong? The Infrared connection is not working. Are you holding the Pilot too close to the phone? (try 30 cm). Is Infrared enabled on the phone? Is the battery of your Pilot weak (<30%)?
I get an error "Error received instead of OK..." when syncing the phone book. The phone refuses to store the name. It is too long. Usually, the problem is related to some SIM cards which allow only very short names, e.g. 10 characters. Store the numbers in the phone memory instead of the SIM card (tap on the right most column in step 3) or shorten the field lengths in the preferences. Also, some special characters in names are causing problems, e.g. '@', 'Ö', or '"'.
When I try to send an SMS message, I get CSM ERROR 300 in the status line or the status line is full of funny numbers, or the status line just shows ERROR. The mobile phone was not able to send the message to the Sort Message Service Center (SMSC) or the mobile phone rejected the message. Possible reasons are: 
You have entered a wrong SMSC number in the preferences or you have included e.g. a space or a dash in the number.
You have entered a wrong mobile phone number as receiver or you have included e.g. a space or dash in the destination number.
You are not authorised to use the configured SMSC for the entered destination number. Please note that not all SMS centers allow to cross the operator's boundry, e.g. to send an SMS from the network you are roaming in to the home network of the receiver. Also some SMS Centers are blocked, so it might not be possible to use your home SMS Center while roaming abroad. You might have to enter the SMS Center number of the local operator. Please look at Stefan Schinkel's SMSC list or my local copy of his SMSC list.
You don't have a good radio connection (weak signal strength).
The SMS service is temporarily out of order, or the connection to the server at the operator's network is not working. Change the operator if abroad or use another SMSC number, or try 20 minutes later. 
GSMtool reports "message sent", but nothing happens on the phone. You won't see anything on the phone, but the message has still left the phone. This is normal.
GSMtool reports "message sent", but the message does not arrive at the destination. Be patient. Sometimes, SMS messages take several hours to be transferred in the operator's network.
Maybe you are not authorised for the SMS Center and the Center silently dropped the message. I can't confirm this behaviour, maybe the ones reporting this problem did not wait long enough.
Can I get a receipt report as soon as the message has reached it's destination? Not yet supported automatically, but it is on the wish list. Some SMS Centers support a receipt report generation if you start the message with a special character sequence, e.g. "*N#".
I specified a field to be of length e.g. 1, but still more characters of this field are copied to the name. GSMtool tries to use the available memory per name as much as possible. GSMtool assumes that the sum of all field length that you entered plus the sum of all separators is the available memory per name.
The field lengths in the preferences should be interpreted as:
If the combined name, composed out of the different fields is longer than allowed, how long should then the different parts be?
If the building rule, you configured, leads to a name entry which is not using the whole memory, GSMtool uses longer parts of the different fields.
Blanks are removed from name fields when syncing the phone book. Can I switch this off? Not yet, this option is on the wish list.
When I enter a search string, the phone numer list does not immediately scroll to the right entry. I have to enter a lot of characters until I see the entry. GSMtool searches on all fields, even in the notes. You can speed up the search, if you start your search string with a capital letter (default since version 1.22). Then the search string is only matched against the very beginning of a field.
In the SMS send dialog, the lookup function does not show any numbers. Only numbers of type "mobile" and "fax" are shown in this lookup dialog.
Though, I installed GSMtool only today, the 30 day trial period has already expired.
Did you change the date of the pilot to some future date and back again? Oops, send me a mail and I will send you a special version giving you another chance to try GSMtool.

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